A radioactive element has a half-life of 6 hours

Chem 1410: Take Home Quiz #10Due: 12/10/14 Name: _____________________________________1) Fill in the missing blanksType of DecayAlpha emissionEquation218843817PositronemissionElectron capturePoCl6429Cu4_______ 2 He38180Ba 1 e6428Ni _______0_______ 1 e8135Br2) A radioactive element has a half-life of 6 hours. How many grams of a 1000.0g sample would remain after 24 hours?The rest of the questions are from the entire book (to help you start reviewing) (you still have to do them!!!)3) A chunk of copper weighing 352.4g has 4212 calories of heat added to it. By how many oC did the temperature change?The specific heat for copper is 0.108 cal/(g * oC). (Remember significant figures)4) Fill in the blanks on the following table.CompoundName_______________________________________nickel (III) sulfite_______________________________________perchloric acidPCl5_______________________________________Ti(CO3)2_______________________________________5) Write the electron configuration for a Niobium (Nb) atom. 6) A compound is found to be 54.52% carbon 9.17% hydrogen and 36.31% oxygen. If the molecular weight is 88.12 g/mol find the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound.7) For the following word equations give me a balanced chemical equation. (put compounds together first)a) Aluminum acetate reacts with potassium hydroxide to form aluminum hydroxide and potassium acetate.b) Ammonium sulfate reacts with strontium nitrate to form strontium sulfate and ammonium nitrate.8) For question 7b if this reaction was preformed in water what is the precipitate?9) If 63.8g of potassium is allowed to react with 386 mL of 0.219 M copper (II) sulfate to form potassium sulfate and copper.How many grams of copper can be theoretically produced? (hint: limiting reagent problem)2 K (s) CuSO4 (aq) ? K2SO4 (aq) Cu (s)10) Calculate the pH of a 0.00005 M Ba(OH)2 solution. (hint: you will need the Kw expression)11) 1.97 L of butane (C4H10) at 37.5 oC and 5.48 ATM reacts according to the equation below. How many grams of carbondioxide could be produced?2 C4H10 13 O2 ? 8 CO2 10 H2O