Acidified rain is one among the many other identified and serious

As an alternative to the acid rain experiment described above you may submit the following AssignmentDuring units 6-8 you should have continued your research on acid rain in your area. Conduct additional research to determine if acid rain has been documented in your area. You must utilize and cite at least three separate resources in your research. Contact local government officials and your local health department to determine if they are aware of acid rain in your region. Investigate whether there are there are any manufacturing plants in the area or upwind of your region that could potentially contribute to acid rain. At the end of Unit 9 submit a final report of your findings. You should describe in this report the effects of acid rain on the environment and summarize what you have found in your research. Examine your original hypothesis from Unit 3. Do the results of your investigation support this hypothesis? If so how? If not create a redesigned hypothesis to better match the final results of your investigation. Your essay should end with a concluding paragraph.Your essay should be a minimum of 1 000 words not including a cover page and reference list.