An ore from a mine in Sudbury was analysed for Manganese

home/study/questions and answers/science/chemistry/ an ore from a mine in sudbury was analysed for …QuestionAn ore from a mine in Sudbury was analysed for Manganese by UV-VIS molecular spectrophotometry. 0.2180 g of the ore was digested in an acid mixture and the resulting digest was diluted to the mark in a 100.0 mL volumetric flask with distilled water (Solution #1). 25.00 mL of this solution was pipetted into a 50.0 mL volumetric flask and 5.00 mL of a standard solution (Solution #2) containing 1.00 g/L of Mn was added to the flask. The flask was filled to the mark with distilled water (Solution #3). Another solution was prepared by adding 10.00 mL of the standard Mn solution (Solution #2) to another 50.0 mL volumetric flask adding distilled water to the mark (Solution #4). Both solutions (Solution #3 & #4) were analysed for Mn as the permanganate ion MnO4- at a wavelength of 525 nm. The measured absorbances of the solutions were: Solution #3 = 0.423 and solution #4 = 0.298. Calculate the following the: i) absorptivity of the MnO4 ion – ii) percent transmittance of solution #3 iii) percent of Mn in the sample of the orePlease show full solution of the answer