Calculate ?S for the system when the state of 3 moles

HOMEWORK #3PRINT NAME (Last First):Student ID:________________Homework Reading: Chapter 3 (pages 112-127)This homework covers topics covered in Chapter 3. The homework is due in front of D127(Prof. Cha’s office) FRIDAY February 5 by 3pm. Please provide answers in separate page.Please put a box around your answers and please write legibly.1. Calculate ?S for the system when the state of 3 moles of ideal gas for which Cp m = 5/2R ischanged from 250C and 1 atm to 1250C and 5 atm. How do you rationalize the sign of ?S?2. A system containing 2 moles of CO2 (g) is initially at 250C and 10atm and is confined to acylinder that has a cross section of 10 cm2. The system expands adiabatically against an externalpressure of 1 atm until the piston has moved upwards through 20cm. Assume that CO2 is an idealgas with Cv m = 28.8 J/K mol. Calculate q w ?U ?T and ?S.3. 1 mole of ideal gas at 270C is expanded isothermally from an initial pressure of 3 atm to afinal pressure of 1 atm in two ways: (a) reversibly and (b) against a constant external pressure of1 atm. Calculate q w ?U ?H and ?S for each path.4. Calculate the change in entropy of the system when 15.0g of ice at -12.0C is converted towater vapor at 105C at a constant pressure of 1bar. The constant pressure molar heat capacity ofH2O (s) and H2O (l) is 75.291J/mol K and that of H2O (g) is 33.58 J/K mol