History of Chemistry

  Assignment 2: History of Chemistry Instructions Part 1: In this assignment, you will first identify your selection. Give the history of the person, his/her research that won them the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Also, share the process as to how the winner is chosen. Finally, state why you selected this person in your assignment. … Read more


 which you model a pde (partial differential equation) and a system of pdes respectively. It is required to be done in MATLAB, particularly in a matlab livescript. I cannot attach the .mlx file itself but can attach a pdf that if you copy into a livescript, will work all the same. All functions and graphs … Read more

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Phama 7

  You have been invited to assemble a task force to design a medication assistance program. You need to submit a proposal, regarding who you would invite, to the CEO. Consider the perspectives of prescribers, discharge planners, financial navigators, patients, suppliers, book keepers and subsidizers. If you were to seek the input of 5-7 stakeholders, … Read more

Difficult keyword research

Hello. Please tell me about Krunker and teach me how to play it properly. From what little I have learned: “Krunker.io is a fantastic game with a terrific community,” stated FRVR CEO Brian Meidell. “The Krunker team has done a wonderful job producing a world-class game, and we look forward to aiding the team by … Read more

phar 5

  You will be pre-assigned as a team to one of the following Units: Unit Six: Mental and Behavioral Health Drugs; Unit Seven: Pain and Inflammation Management Drugs; Unit Eight: Antimicrobial Drugs; Unit Nine – Immunologic Drugs; Unit Ten: Antineoplastics and Biologic Response Modifiers. This is a 4 week activity. You will stay in your … Read more

Chemistry Question

 70. Methanol, CH3OH, is a clean-burning, easily handled fuel. It can be made by the direct reaction of CO and H₂. CO(g) + 2 H₂(g) 88n CH3OH(ℓ)  (a) For a mixture of 12.0 g H₂ and 74.5 g CO, determine the limiting reactant.  (b) Calculate the mass (g) of the excess reactant left after the … Read more

pharm 4

  Provide your answers to the following questions in a 2-page paper. Use APA Editorial Format for all citations and references used. What should the “culture and environment of safety” look like when preparing and administering medications? Discuss a common breach of medication administration. Identify three (3) factors that lead to errors in documentation related … Read more