This week, we’re studying the major scale, which is often associate with composers like Mozart. In the YouTube video below, you will recognize the use of the C Major scale: https://youtu.be/dNbqRC4xtEg Music from other cultures uses the same collection of notes, but perhaps in different contexts. See the video from the Hindustani tradition of North … Read more

Causes Discussion

Follow the instructions below to participate in the discussion. Review the potential causes for behavioral and delinquency problems listed in the reading, “Causes of Behavioral and Delinquency Issues”. Choose the one you believe to be the most influential in a young person’s life.

Critical Thinking SP W7

2-3 pages nothing less Your Special Project for Lesson 7 is called “Through the Ringer” You will use the moral theories discussed in chapter 9.  Read the dilemma described below.  Then, respond to each of the numbered prompts, based on the dilemma. Scenario: It is Week 7 of the early 8-week fall term. You are taking 3 courses … Read more

Homeschooling Your Children

TITLE I. INTRODUCTION Attention Getter (Question, startling fact, story, surprising statistic – get us interested, use a cliffhanger) Relevance (why should we care? Relate it to your audience’s concerns) Overview: (What are your main points? Give a brief overview of the structure of your speech) Transition: (Connect introduction to Need/Problem Step) II. BODY Need/Problem What … Read more

Case Scenario 1 – The Fulmer Case

SW 210 Case Scenario 1 The Fulmer Case: Amanda, Jocelyn, Carl & Jonathon Father: David Fulmer, age 26, African-American Mother: Karen Fulmer, age 26, African-American Children: Amanda Fulmer, age 8, African-American Jocelyn Fulmer, age 6, African-American Carl Fulmer, age 5, African-American Jonathon Fulmer, age 4, African-American Relatives Paternal Grandfather: Asa James, age 46, African-American, left … Read more

Discussion Board

Read this overview of search engine market share, from Hitwise: Google US Search Share Down 5% In The Last Year; Bing, Yahoo Gained | TechCrunch and search for your project topic (Tobacco Smoking’s Environmental Impact) in each of the three search engines (Bing, Google & Yahoo) mentioned: What were your results for each? Bing Google … Read more

Cultural Training Assignment

For this assignment, you will design training for caregivers who are working with a minority group. Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment. Select a minority group. Consider the different aspects of the culture relevant to the care of children. Develop a training agenda or checklist to prepare caregivers for caring for a child from … Read more


: Classical Argument Invention Worksheet The purpose of this activity is to help you begin brainstorming for the Classical Argument work You will need to look at your work and sources from work: Informative work Identify possible claims associated with your belief. Then look at the types of claims that might apply to your belief. … Read more

The Toddler Observation

Please copy/paste each question before your answer below. Referencing the in-class lecture, reflect on the following: Provide an overall observation and describe details of what you actually see from the beginning of the video of the end of the video of the little girl passing out “sippy cups” to her peers, be sure to include … Read more

Slideshow Need Done

Prepare at least a 15-slide presentation on the various types of tests: aptitude tests, career interest tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. Identify the type of test and find an example of that type of test to report. For example, a type of personality test is called the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator. The slide presentation will … Read more