Part 3 | Literature Review/Analysis Final

Assignment: Submit the final Literature Review/Analysis Final Paper.   Assignment Format: Actions Length :Minimum four pages PLUS cover page and works cited page (MIN TOTAL 6 PAGES) Include a cover page with your name, topic title Properly cite your in-text sources and provide a works cited page Follow the APA style formatting Follow essay format Double spaced … Read more

Discussion 6

Answer Each Question in 150 words   Summarize the importance of incorporating a client’s identity into the treatment of a substance use disorder. 2.Explain the 2 concepts about cultural competence (Working with people of color & Working with women) that social workers need to keep in mind when working with a client struggling with a substance … Read more


INSTRUCTIONS Read the Writing Guidelines on the next page of this booklet. Consider all three readings in this booklet. Select one to analyze. Use Booklet 1 for any outlining and draft work. In Booklet 2, write a800 -word essay about the reading you have selected.   READING 1: A personal essay “For the Bird” by … Read more


Assignment Scenario: After being so successful at your internship, you decided to pursue a career in HIT. Review the information below and provide the details for the final assignment. Using online career sites (e.g., or  or any other healthcare career site: Locate a position for the healthcare CIO using your selected healthcare career … Read more

Prof Double R

Overview This assignment explores questions about fundamental aspects of human culture and guides you to evaluate the larger human need to express. Prompt Consider the items below. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: Identify a creator from the twentieth or twenty-first century who you think made an important contribution to art and culture in … Read more

Bwa Butterfly Mask

FORM AND CONTENT GUIDE Paragraph 1: Introduction (25 points) Present the FACTUAL INFORMATION relating to the artwork. Include as much of the following information as you can: ARTIST(S) – name, collaboration, anonymous, etc. DATE – specific date, approximate date, century, etc. MEDIA – drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture TECHNIQUE – shading, perspective, glazing, impasto, carving, casting, post-and-lintel, steel frame, etc. STYLE –  Classical, Gothic, … Read more

COM: Module 1 Discussion

In 200-250 words, create a discussion post that addresses the question below: In this week’s readings you learned about the rhetorical situation and how we can break down speeches into specific elements of occasion, audience, speaker, and speech. After watching the example speech of  President Barack Obama’s speech after the death of Osama Bin Laden I want … Read more

COM: Module 2 Discussion

In 200-250 words, create a discussion post that addresses the question below: For this module’s discussion post provide a You tube example of a real speech (avoid fictional speeches in movies) that you find impactful. It could be a filmed speech, a TED talk, or a You tube video that you find particularly compelling. For the discussion … Read more


Assignment: College Literature Course evaluation.   Discussion Board: Final Exam Prompt We have spent all semester analyzing and critically studying literary works. We’ve discussed author’s purpose, we’ve found and discussed the use of literary elements, and we’ve identified themes. We don’t want to lose sight, though, of the fun of reading, the joy and emotion importance of literature. … Read more