Problem Based Learning

Problem Overview   The Context of the Problem Large technology projects, whether the development of new technologies or upgrading current systems or software applications, can be costly. In larger organizations, a million-dollar (or more) project is not unusual. Once a project is rolled out to production, it is important to evaluate the performance of the … Read more

Week 6,7,8

Week 6 Female Tropes Begin by doing some research on current female characters that DO NOT fit into the damsel in distress trope. Explain why you feel they don’t fit the definition of what a trope is. Then research a female character that fits into the trope of being a Damsel in distress and discuss … Read more

490 Wk3 GROUP Work

GROUP ASSIGNMENT. Please work on no 3 only. 230-250 words Use 2-3 research techniques to describe how the collection and documentation of stakeholder requirements leads to the content of the IT project scope. Cite your sources. Explain how the IT project schedule is derived from the IT project scope. Recap the primary IT project management … Read more

ADB Work

STUDENT RECORD-KEEPING SYSTEM DATABASE PROJECT ABSTRACT Education institutes can simply maintain the records of their students by using the student record-keeping system. Using a manual system makes it challenging to accomplish this goal because the information is dispersed, often redundant, and gathering relevant information can take a lot of time. Using this project, all these … Read more

Evaluation Of Public Health Ethics In Decision Making

Assessment Description The goal of public health is to improve health for all populations. Ethics play a significant role and professionals must consider ethics in the workplace, research, decision making, and policy. Professionals must also consider moral standards of stakeholders and be able to reconcile moral claims and public health ethics when working with populations. … Read more

Chapter 5 Assist

  The Ongoing Threat of Ransomware to Small Businesses: A Qualitative Case Study on the Impediments to the Application of Preventative, Detective, and Corrective Controls   Dissertation Proposal       Submitted to Northcentral University   School of Business Administration   in Partial Fulfillment of the   Requirements for the Degree of   DOCTOR OFMANAGEMENT … Read more

Database Systems

Discuss what you know and understand about Big Data – how do you define Big Data? Discuss three Vs presented in this chapter, by the Gardner Group – explain each of the three Vs (Volume, Velocity, and Variety). What are four major characteristics of Big Data? Provide examples drawn from current practice of each characteristic. … Read more

Evaluate A Non-Experimental Research Design

For this assignment, review three peer-reviewed articles relating to  technology that employed a non-experimental design (e.g., correlation  and/or causal-comparative).  In a paper, report your answers to the  following questions for each article (address all components for each  article before moving on to the next article): What was the research problem? What variables were analyzed, and … Read more

Wk2 Grp Assignment

  Assessment Description (178 words. Pls not more than 180 words max) Please  write on SCRUM only. Question 3 only. Thanks. This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. According to the textbook, there are more than 8,000 project management methodologies from which to choose. So, how do IT project teams know which one is … Read more