Reading Responses

MODULE 2 MATERIAL: Read the following: Chetkovich, C., & Kunreuther, F.  (2006).  From the ground up: Grassroots organizations making social change.  Ithaca: Cornell University Press.  Chapter 3. [This  chapter will be the basis of the Collaborative Annotation Assignment  this week. If you prefer, you may consider reading it in Perusall] Brown, M.J.  (2006).  Building powerful community organizations: … Read more


I will have to submit a research paperr for my internship. The topic is about: (why is there a low income and a high income in every society and how services would satisfy each of them, since the high income people expects better services than the low income people. At the end how could you … Read more

Interview questions

Draft interview questions about a major economic choice ( you can specify the type of  choice or leave open) ; you should connect to relevant ideas from class,  e.g. if you want to explore social dimensions, ask about friends and  families. If you want to explore collective action, ask about rules and  norms, etc. We … Read more


Description: This Discussion Board is for students to analyze a speech outline for a speech about the Titanic. Review the entire Informative Speech outline; and using the criteria found in your readings and lecture for this week, analyze and critique the author’s speech organization, supporting materials, and outline structure. Consider some of the following questions … Read more

Read Chapter 16 & Discuss 3 topics

  Read chapter 16 & Complete discussion   Read Chapter 16 & Discuss 3 topics you learned in class and/or in the reading and how you could/would incorporate them into your training future program.   


Watch episode one with “: Illustration” either on YouTube (Below) or on Netflix. Questions to consider and to answer. What is Christoph’s design process? How might you incorporate some of these concepts? How does the cover design of magazine, in this example, go from print to digital methods of viewing? How does Christoph find inspiration … Read more


  Powerpoint presentation for each case (10 slides)  Must answer the discussion questions, the root issue/best practice of the case, and identify the key players (main characters).  Please include pictures or anything visual in the presentation.  CASE STUDY 2A-THE MORGAN COMPANY Senior managers at The Morgan Company had developed a new and inspiring mission statementone that … Read more

American Literature

  Main Objective: To cite secondary sources in MLA Format Review the attached instruction information sheet. You will develop in-text citations and Works Cited citations for each of the references below. You are NOT required to locate the articles. Instructions: Download the information from the attached resource to obtain the bibliographic information for the references.  … Read more

help due 9/27

these are 3 assignments: 1. One page essayy on the definition of technology, taking into  consideration the relationship of technology to culture and human  interaction with the physical environment. You must use ESEM principles, 375-425 words, 2 references only.  2. Pick an ESEM principle and write a one page essayy on it applying it to one … Read more


Learning Objectives By the end of this module, students will be able to:   Define and contrast ‘public goods’ vs ‘private goods’. Describe how ecological public goods influence population health. Summarize global concerns over the future of ecological public goods for health in the 21st Century. Overview    The central thesis of this  course is that … Read more