Intellectual Property Law

* The English language is British, and this is based on UK law.* Add the OSCOLA referencing style accompanied by appropriate footnotes (See the sample Styles).* Add at least 10 references and use journals and books related to the topic. You can use fewer references from websites if you need to.* See the report style … Read more

Commercial Law

* Write in British English and according to UK law.* Reference according to the OSCOLA style, including Bibliography and Footnotes (At least 25 References).* Look at the Uploaded structure.* Abstract and Introduction sections must include all the subtopics.* No need to write Literature Review.

Equity & Trust

Please use British English. Each question must start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Also, add a common introduction and a conclusion to the report. Add relevant theories, cases, and examples to demonstrate the answers. The referencing style should be OSCOLA, including the footnoting and the bibliography.