Combine, Revise, & Edit Esay

Bryan Cridell

Professor Driver

English 101

14 April 2022

Week 6 Assignment:


There is a huge need for everyone to preserve and protect the environment. This is because the environment plays a crucial role in sustaining life. The environment supports life through its various eco-systems. An example of these eco-systems is climatic stability. Farmers around the world rely heavily on climate stability to ensure that the plant at the right times. The environment also protects us from harmful factors such as UV radiation released from the sun. The environment also safely absorbs the waste released by humans. The human race is vulnerable to several factors, chief among them caused by human waste and pollution. The environment cleans the waste for our benefit. There are also the intrinsic benefits of a clean environment, which have psychological benefits. For these reasons, every human being should take an active role in protecting and preserving the environment. Every member of society should stand and take a position to protect the environment so that humanity may continue to enjoy these benefits for years to come.