Determine the Molar mass of the Unknown

31.82 g of an unknown no ionic compound in dissolved in 350 g of cyclohexane(l) This solution freezes at 0 degrees celsius. Determine the Molar mass of the UnknownCyclo Hexane:Melting point=6.6degrees cboiling point= 81 degree cDensity 0.877g/mlKB= 2.79 c/molalKf=20.0 c/molalHvap= 33.3 kj/molalH fusion= 6.74 kj/molSpecific heat of liquid 1.87 J/g cI started to solve it but am stucki used the equationT=IKfM and have0=(1)(20.0)(x/.35kg) but when i solve for x answer is 0 so not sure how i can dived the amount of grams by 0 to get molar massalso have kf of water being 1.86 c/molal but i don’t think its necessary