Do all saturated solutions have the same density

questions that I need help on from my lab report1. Do all saturated solutions have the same density? Based on your data which salt is more soluble? Saturated solution do not have the same density.11.812g /10 mL = 1.181 g/mL NaCl9.783g / 10 mL = 0.978 g/mL CaSO42. Of 100% of the NaCL molecules dissociated the Van’t Hoff factor i would be equal to 2 for NaCl. We assumed it equaled two when we figured out Kb of the NaCl solution.a. Now we want it find the percent dissociation of the NaCl molecules by finding i using the equation below (use Kb = 0.512?/m and 3.456m molarity of NaCl ) show all worki = ( ?Tb) / Kb x m)iexperimental = 1.8 [ {1.8/2} * 100% = 90% dissociation] itheoretical = 2 (100% dissociation)b. Do you feel comfortable in making the assumption that the NaCl in your experiment was completely dissociated? Why or why not?c. How does making this assumption (as we did) affect the boiling point elevation of Kb?Also what would you write for the discussion and the conclusion. Is this the first time doing a lab report that requires a discussion.I have attached a copy of my lab report