Fill in the blanks in the reactions and equilibria in

Experiment 8 – Products Reactants and Dynamic EquilibriumG SI’s Name_________________________Your Name________________________________1. Fill in the blanks in the reactions and equilibria in Table 1 in this manual. Most reactions aresimply dissolution/dissociation reactions. All the ions (ions are a species with a ± charge) arein the aqueous phase. Other compounds are solids except where noted. This task mightlook intimidating at first but all the information you need is in the table. Try reading the tablefrom the top down once or twice. You should see trends and commonalties among thereactions that help you fill in the blank spaces. For instance the reactions classified as ‘acid’have an important feature in common so do the very soluble salts. For the names of thecompounds you may refer to your textbook if you cannot deduce the name from other tableentries. Reaction HCl (aq) ! H ClK H2SO4 (aq) ! H H SO4 -HNO3 (aq) ! H N O3CH3COOH(aq) ! H CH3COOStrong Acid-Medium (aq) ! H NH3 HInd (aq) ! H Ind H2O ! H OH -Medium-HugeNaSCN ! Na SCN- NaOH ! Na OH -Sodium bisulfateHuge- K2CrO4 ! 2 K CrO4 KSCN ! K SCNBa(NO3)2 ! Ba 2 2 2 3–2 C r 2 O7-2 CrO4-2! FeSCN AgSCN ! Ag SCNFe(NO3)3 ! Fe 3Fe(OH)3 ! Fe 3 3 2Cu(OH)2 ! Cu 2MediumModerately solublesaltTinyInsoluble saltBarium chlorideMediumMedium–HugeNO3Chromate/dichromate equilibriumComplex ionequilibriumChromate = yellowDichromate = orange 3Fe = yellow 2FeSCN = redInsoluble salt 2Silver thiocyanateVery soluble saltHuge-Iron(III) nitrateInsoluble salt-Cu(NO3)2 ! Cu 2Very soluble saltTiny OHNH4Cl ! NH4 ClHugeHuge SO4 Very soluble saltHuge 2 NO3AgNO3 ! Ag NO3Potassium hydroxideVery soluble salt- 2 Cl 2Huge-2-2 -22 H 2 CrO4 ! Cr2O7 H2O-Strong BaseStrong BaseH SO4KHSO4 ! K SCN FeVery soluble saltVery soluble saltKOH ! K OHBaSO4 ! BaWaterHuge-KCl ! K C l 2Methlyorange andthymophthaneinSodium thiocyanate BaCl2 ! BaAcetic acidHugeNaHSO4 ! Na H SO4BaCrO4 ! BaGeneral form foracid-base indicatorsTiny BaCr2O7 ! BaWeak acidWeak Acid-NaCl ! Na ClName of CompoundHuge NH4Strong AcidHuge-Classified AsHuge-HugeNO3 2 OH-Ammonium chlorideVery soluble saltTinyCopper(II) Hydroxide