Homework #7: Chemistry 100-Environmental Water Chemistry

Homework #7: Chemistry 100-Environmental Water ChemistryDue: February 24 20151) I have a solution with an analytical calcium concentration of 0.001 m an analyticalmagnesium concentration of 0.0005 m and an analytical selenate concentration of 0.004 m.These analytical concentrations however do not reflect the concentrations of the ion-pairsand other species in solution.a) Speciate the solution using the following equilibrium relations:MgSeO4o(aq) = Mg 2(aq) SeO42-(aq)K = 10-2.46CaSeO4o(aq) = Ca 2(aq) SeO42-(aq)K = 10-2.11The Mass-Balance-Equations are:Ca = 0.001 m = Ca 2(aq) CaSeO4o(aq)Mg = 0.0005 m = Mg 2(aq) MgSeO4o(aq)SeO4 = 0.004 m = SeO42-(aq) MgSeO4o(aq) CaSeO4o(aq)Assume that the activity coefficients are unity and iterate the answer until it reachesapproximate convergence or five times.