How many times does the earth orbit the sun every year

CHM 151 Quiz 2 (20 points)Name ______________________________1) (2) How many times does the earth orbit the sun every year?sh isar stued dvi y reaC souou rcrs eeH wer aso.com2) (8) In the boxes provided write Lewis electron-dot symbols for each of the followingelements:CarbonSiliconArgonCalcium3) (10) A metallic sample is known to be barium cesium lithium or silver. Theelectron binding energies for these metals are listed below.MetalElectron Binding Energy (J)BariumCesiumLithiumSilver4.30 x 10-193.11 x 10-193.94 x 10-197.59 x 10-19ThOne way to identify the element might be through a photoelectric effect experimentwhere the unknown metal sample is bombarded with the energy of lasers whosewavelengths are 532 nm 488 nm and 308 nm. The results of that experiment areshown below:Laser WavelengthPhotoelectric Effect Observed?532 nm488 nm308 nmNoYesYesBased on this information what conclusion can you draw about the identity of themetal? Complete your work on a separate sheet (or on the back of this one) turnin all of your work and explain (that means write about) your work as youpresent it. by TCPDF (