How much excess glucose was being added to the reactor

Lab 3Ethanol Production(Thermal Energy Conservation)Name: ________________________________________ Date: __________________Lab ObjectiveThrough this lab exercise the principle of conservation of charge will be demonstratedusing an adopted problem-solving methodology and a simple Matlab exercise.MaterialsMatlab 2007 or higherLab AssignmentIntroductionGASBUGS INC. is actually a division of a much larger alternate fuel-generatingcorporation known as BIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL. One thing this company producesis ethanol (C2H6O) from an industrial process that uses a type of yeast (Saccharomycescerevisiae). The elemental formula of S. cerevisiae is CH1.874 O0.45 N0.2 and it has a heatof combustion of approximately -21.2 kJ/g. In their batch process .25lb m NH3 and5.0lbm glucose are combined with the yeast at 25 oC. After the reaction goes tocompletion (at least one of the starting reactants is used up) 1. 4 lb m of ethanol isproduced. The unbalanced reaction for this process is:C6H12O6 (l) NH3 (g) ? C3H8O3 (l) C2H6O (l) (0.59)CH1.74 O0.45 N0.2 CO2 (g) H2O (l)Note: (C3H8O3 )and that the ratio of NH3 to H2O is 1:1.)You are told that it is likely that too much glucose is being added in the batch reactorprocess. It is your goal as the production engineering support specialist working forBIOFUELS INTERNATIONAL to model this scenario to determine how muchunnecessary glucose is being added to reduce waste and cost.ProcedureFollow the 4 steps of methodology for solving problems on pp. 44–46 of yourtextbook to set up the model.Using MATLAB create a plot that demonstrates the impact on ethanol productionas the amount of glucose in the reactor varies from 1.0 lb m to 10 lbm.Questions(1) How much excess glucose was being added to the reactor?(2) What is the ideal amount needed?(3) How much heat was produced and subsequently removed from the system?(4) Interpret the Matlab plot produced.