Respond to Derek post

Hey everyone, 

The scenario I chose the was the autism video. it showed both outcomes of whether or not officers took the time to try to understand a situation and show empathy. When the officers did not show empathy it lead to a use of force with the individual which could have been avoided. Then the scenario showed the correct result. When the lead officer realized the man could have a mental illness he told the other officer to turn off the lights and sirens and to lower their radios as loud noise and flashy lights seem to trigger individuals who suffer from autism. I thought this was a great job of empathy and showing he realizes what’s wrong. The officer had the other people go around him and was calm and understanding when the father rushed to his son. 

In response to two of your peers, respond to one peer who chose the same scenario as you and one peer who chose the other scenario. Focus your responses on differences between your and their initial posts. Consider the following:

  • Are there any instances that they identified and you did not in which law enforcement demonstrated empathy in the interaction?
  • What are additional alternative outcomes that could have resulted if the officers had not demonstrated empathy?
  • If your peers would have done something differently, how would that have affected the situation?