Writing Assignment

Due through Canvas, Friday, April 1


We regularly hear news reports about different NASA missions, but often the details, goals, and accomplishments of these missions is not clearly reported. Take this opportunity to pick a NASA mission and research in more detail what this mission is all about. Pick one of the following:


  • The exploration of Jerzero Crater on Mars by the Perseverance rover.


  • The asteroid sample return mission Osiris-REx, which collected material from the surface of asteroid Bennu.


  • The recent launch of the long-awaited James Webb space telescope.


  • Have another NASA favorite that’s not listed here? Go for it.


Discuss what the scientific goals of your selected mission are. What are scientists trying to figure out? How are they going about that? And why are these questions important? Depending on how far along a mission is, what have we already learned?




  • Papers should be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages (12-point font, double spaced), not counting references and any figures. These should be included on separate pages after the main text.
  • Include at least three references, using MLA style. At least one reference should be from NASA, not a general media outlet.
  • Use proper sentence and paragraph structure – the text should follow a clear, logical progression, paragraphs should have a clear subject, and sentences should be free of obvious grammatical errors.
  • Contact me or the TA if you have questions.