Social Problems

Social Problems – Part of the role of public administrators can be to address social needs. From among the wide range of unresolved social problems, how and why are some problems redefined as public policy issues, brought to the public agenda, and addressed by government agencies? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our current process for formulating public policy.  In what ways could we improve this process? 75-100 words

Current events – Based on this week’s topics, find a relevant, recent and credible news piece (article or video) regarding current public policy issues (gun control; environment; border control; foreign trade; etc.). Suggested sites on which to find credible news include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, or NPR, just to name a few. Provide a summary of the piece, objectively presenting both sides of the issue. Be sure to temper your personal preferences in this discussion forum, and utilize critical thinking in exploring the issue. Be sure to include a link or attachment of your news piece and cite your source. 75-100 words