List two differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Give an example of an organism of each type. Humans are eukaryotes. Provide two examples of what we could not do if we were prokaryotes. 


In at least one full paragraph (5-6 sentences) describe how you, either as a diversity scientist or just a person living their everyday life, use the information from our class to engage in meaningful and quality interactions with others who are like or unlike yourself.


This last week of class Part 1 asks to define terms, answer them in sociology manner (use class book attached) part 2 answer in one paragraph of 5-6 sentences part 3 has two parts, answer each part with one paragraph of 5-6 sentences

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Task 1 Do one of the 2 options below: 1. (follow what they say) 2. Create an Android project 2 Thus is continuation from previous Android project (Building Your First App at Adding the Action Bar Do the following tasks: Setting Up the Action Bar Adding Action Buttons Styling the … Read more

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need 5-6 pages For the individual report: Compare how the platforms Windows, Android, and iOS differ in use of design tools for the website. Research and discuss why different design tools are used for the websites. Discuss the influence of design tools for the website development. Discuss the influence of design tools for the websites … Read more

Cultural Orientation Paper

  Compose a Cultural Orientation Paper. Using concepts from Schein (Chapters 1–2) and Bolman and Deal (Chapter 1), write a five- to six-page paper that describes the culture of your current organization (or an organization which you have been a part of in the past). While this paper should be academic in nature (using properly-cited … Read more


 What is your perspective on the “fading of the American Dream”? Cite at least two (2) points from the PBS video for support.  Raj Chetty Discusses the Fading of the American Dream


  Ever wonder why eyeglasses cost so much? Technology and productivity, combined with competition, has reduced prices for so many goods and services throughout our economy over the past several decades. Yet the price of eyeglasses remains persistently high. Read the following articles to find out why.  Create a thread and tell us your thoughts. Some things … Read more

Discussion topic

Topic :  focused on the models, grammar, and tasks associated with natural language processes. make sure that main discussion for 350 words.  2 response –  each 150 words  –  Use the proper APA format when doing your discussion board.  –  makes sure to include 4 references from peer-reviewed articles.