Binomial probability experiment

A binomial probability experiment is an experiment with two possible outcomes like flipping a coin (the two possible outcomes are head or tails.)  1) Choose a binomial probability experiment.  Decide which result is a success and which result is a failure. DO NOT choose to flip a coin. Please be creative. If you’re not sure … Read more

nutrition written 2

  Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 15 slides that reflect your understanding of the three macronutrients discussed in this module: Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins. Be creative! Each slide should include information about each macronutrient. Definition of the macronutrient inclusive of its function and structure Where they are digested and absorbed Types and … Read more

Public speaking workbook

    Charting Interests for Topic Selection 1. Occupations I’m interested in are: 2. My top five hobbies are: 3. My favorite classes are: 4. My favorite current events are: 5. I would like to travel to: 6. I like to read about: 7. My favorite movies and TV shows are: 8. My favorite music and … Read more

Discussion Finance assignment The CEO of “The Family Office” is discussing the role of wealth management in risk planning he first distinguished between speculation and investing and briefly explained that our investing strategies must be written in order to follow a certain plan to accomplish the goal of our investments. But the CEO mentioned that he will … Read more


Develop an informative 5-10 min speech.  4 pieces of information required. 1.) Discuss the Diagnostic Criteria; What does this disorder look like? What does this disorder look like? What are the symptoms? 2.) Prevalence; Explain how common this disorder is. What are the statistics? (Ex. % of population diagnosed with schizophrenia). 3.)Implications; What are the … Read more

Social Psychology

Assignment: In no less than 300 words:  – Share your reflection on at least THREE different concepts your learned this week related to social psychology.  Be sure to cover information from the class lecture and from this week’s readings (Module 12). Professor’s Lecture: – – Course Textbook: Cover * Under “Social Psychology” (Module … Read more

Motivation and Emotion

In no less than 350 words answer:  1.) Reflective Journal: What caught your attention and why? 2.) Discussion:  What motivates you to do your schoolwork for this course or for other classes? Discuss your views and examine at least three things that you find most motivating, based on the theories presented in the module (e.g., drive theory, … Read more