CEO of well-established and profitable software technology firm that has a choice to invest in one of two new software technologies; one that promises modest profit with very little risk and another that may yield a very high profit but at considerable risk. Keeping in mind cultural factors (social values/priorities, politics, economy, technology, regulation, etc.) … Read more

Mom and pop coffee shop

1. you need to describe the organization and indicate how its operation, management, or functioning can benefit from spatial analysis through GIS. 2. What are the sources you recommend of GIS data? 3. How do you recommend that the GIS and its data be organized? 4. What spatial analysis can be done? 5. What are … Read more

wind farm

¬† Respond to one of the following prompts: 1. According to science, wind farms are fairly benign (and certainly less harmful to the environment than other forms of energy like burning coal, which causes climate change and creates harmful air pollution¬†(Links to an external site.)). Given this, why do you think people oppose wind farms … Read more


This assigment have to be done in Excel. I have uploaded two documents. The first one are the instructions and the second one is the format with Excel that I have to complete with the instructions mentioned.