Unions have a long and storied place in the history of the U.S. workforce, and the subject has often been a heated topic of discussion at many bargaining and family dinner tables. Consider your experience with unions – whether through personal experience or as a witness to the stories and experiences of others. What is … Read more

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 Imagine you own a home improvement business that is trying to keep up with increased demand and is rapidly growing. You need to hire several new employees in key roles, including finance and human resources. You want to make sure you get the hire right the first time. Explain whether you will use an unstructured … Read more

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  Find an online news article involving any kind of juvenile case that you want to discuss. Based on what you have learned so far in this course, address the following: Summarize the article Present your analysis of the case Describe why you agree or disagree with what is reported about in the case Ensure … Read more

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  A young person is caught stealing a bicycle. It is the individual’s first criminal offense. Using what you’ve learned, address the following: How would the legal system have dealt with the youthful offender in the early 20th century compared to now? Which of these approaches do you think is the most beneficial to that … Read more