Week 2. The focus of this week is on exploring the various ways that MNEs are structured and the implications on IHRM practices and policies. We will also explore the role of IHRM practices and policies in regard to International Mergers and Acquisitions, International Joint Ventures, and International Alliances. Objectives/Learning Outcomes:  At the end of … Read more


 YOUR PART: find any articles that relate to HOME DEPOT supporting Trump and recommendations of how it needs to avoid any political views.  WHOLE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: Using the company and research for your Team Project Presentation, you will write a compelling analysis of the company’s behaviors and the outcomes associated with those behaviors. After analyzing … Read more

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Choose one of the most commonly required benefits below: Social Security Worker’s Compensation Insurance Unemployment Insurance Family Medical Leave Act COBRA As an expert on your selected benefit, record a 15-minute presentation demonstrating your knowledge of the benefit and its related legislation. Imagine you are giving a presentation at an HR training on the history … Read more


Major Project: Designing a Relevant Pay Scale (due at the end of week 3) After reading “how to establish salary ranges Download how to establish salary ranges” from the SHRM website follow the directions in the SHRM Case Study, Designing a Pay Structure Download Designing a Pay Structure, complete Tasks A, B and C / … Read more

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Week 3 Discussion Board No unread replies.No replies. For this discussion board please review the many forms of incentive plans discussed in your reading and chose one of them to do a basic SWOT Analysis. Instead of evaluating the general “business’s strengths” within a SWOT you will evaluate the general incentive plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, … Read more