After reading the assigned chapters, articles, and watching the videos, respond to the following:   For the last section of your Final Project-consider the challenges and issues which may need to be addressed in order for your training program to be successful. Be sure to reflect on possible solutions to problems that may arise. Consider the … Read more

discussion 4

For your final discussion board, you must evaluate a previous or current employer and analyze theircompensation and benefit plans or provisions. To do this effectively utilize our readings and the concepts we discussed in class to highlight areas of interest, possible strength areas, and/or possible weaknesses.Overall, reflect on at least three concepts we discussed and … Read more

discussion 2

After reviewing the readings and resources this week, what new skills will trainers need to be successful in the future?  Provide several examples. Which one do you resonate with the most? What areas do you need to improve upon? Challenges Facing Education, Training & Career Development (Links to an external site.) – This article discusses the … Read more


Week 5 Discussion 2424 unread replies.2424 replies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has integrated itself into our everyday lives. Siri, Alexa, Google, and more now assist us in our day-to-day functions.  AI is not only applicable in personal lives, but in the world of Training and Development as well.  What are some implications of AI in the … Read more

minor project

For this week’s Minor Project 3 – Pay for Performance assignment, please note that other major references in regards to searching the requested information, please review annual CEO Compensation information in both Fortune and Forbes magazine.  You will find detailed information in both of these magazines.  Don’t forget to properly cite any information in your … Read more

discussion on Training Methods and Technology Considerations

Week 5 Training Methods and Technology Considerations 22 unread replies.22 replies. After reading the assigned chapters, and watching the video on technology-based training, review the following: Consider how to incorporate technology into your final project. Consider computer-based training; web-based training; e-learning; social media, blended learning, simulations, games, adaptive learning. Determine which one(s) are appropriate for … Read more

minor assignment

For this assignment, please read SHRM 2020 Employee Benefits: The Evaluation of Benefits. After you have read pages 1-16 chose an area of benefits to focus your minor project research on and then answer the questions below. Benefit Plans to choose from (choose 1): Wellness Leave Healthcare Retirement Flexible Work and Work-life Professional Development After … Read more