Public Opinion Discussion

TOPIC: Why are certain factors such as age, region, class, race, religion, and education so salient in terms of voting predictability? Explore these factors to explain what about each of these factors would make an individual vote in any particular way, and discuss whether these categories have changed over time.   Post with a minimum of … Read more

Andrew’s Case

Post with a minimum of 250 words must contain at least (2) professional references, properly cited in the current APA format. Discussion Topic Andrew wants to eat healthier and went online to learn about MyPlate. He came away overwhelmed at all the information and was turned off by reading about ounces and cups-concepts that are … Read more

Nursing, APA

Find at least 1 resource for families in your community experiencing child, spousal, or elder abuse and/or violence. The resource can take any form—a website, a free clinic, a phone number, or the name and address of a shelter.  Summarize and explain:  The resource  How to access it  Which community it would benefit  How you … Read more

APA , Nursing

Explore the World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory data. Thoughtfully consider the following questions: How does the work of the World Health Organization impact local communities in the United States? How could it impact your local community? Respond to 250 words

APA , Nursing

“Cholera Transmission” Consider the following questions: What epidemiological tools and processes are currently in use that originated from John Snow’s work? What advancements have been made? As digital epidemiology becomes more prevalent, what are some of the ethical considerations of using big data in public health surveillance? How did this discovery of bacteria transmission in water … Read more