Needing assistance with SWOT analysis

  Choose a health care provider that you are familiar with, is in your community, or you are curious about. (This should be the same one you used for last week’s discussion.) Conduct several Internet and library searches. Specifically, you may want to look at the following:  The health provider website: Annual reports, et cetera. … Read more

Individual Project Unit: Lab to Analyze the Effects of Atmospheric Changes on the Global Climate Due Date: Thu,5/5/22 Grading Type: Numeric Points Possible: 75 Points Earned: Points Earned not available Deliverable Length: 2 pages

Analysis of Energy Sources Lab In this lab, you will examine renewable and nonrenewable energy resources for supplying electricity. The goal is to consider the high demand for energy and the impact of various energy sources on human health and the environment. Which energy sources are the best options? For this assignment, you will use … Read more

Sula by Toni Morrison

300 words.  DISCUSSION QUESTION: -What choices are available to black women outside their own society’s approval? You might refer to Eva, Hannah, or Sula—each of them, after all, live in some degree outside their own society’s approval. Write about one of the characters mentioned above. Use a direct passage from the novel to back up … Read more

software -2b

  Read chapter 4 and reputable resources. Using your knowledge of how an ATM is used, develop a set of requirements that could serve as a basis for understanding an ATM system.                                               … Read more

Needing assistance with research paper

  Research Paper – Reemerging, Emerging, or Current Health Care Issue HSA 300 Overview The purpose of this paper is to examine an emerging or current issue in health care. While not limited to these, several potential topics are:  Reemerging outbreaks such as COVID-19, measles, or Ebola. Human trafficking. Violence in health care settings. Medical … Read more

Government Macroeconomic Tools

Primary Response is due by Thursday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Saturday (11:59:59pm Central). Primary Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 200–250 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use … Read more

E.S.s.AY. and Questions

  After watching the video, answer the following questions in E.S.s.AY.    format. E.S.s.AY.   must be 250-300 words. What are some similarities between the different traditional dances presented in the film? How has Hula been maintained as a functional part of Hawaiian culture as opposed to other traditional art forms? What did you find most interesting about … Read more