SEC 10-K report

  Visit the Fortune 500 list for the current year and select a retail or manufacturing company from the list for this project. Post your selection here. You may search for the name of your company and Investor Relations and look for SEC Filings. Your corporation must meet the following criteria: It must be ranked … Read more

Scavenger Hunt

Describe how you and your classmates could use these learning resources to facilitate student learning in our accounting course.  Write about a minimum of three resources with a minimum length of 150 words in total. A submission containing merely meeting the minimum word length will make you eligible for the minimum passing grade of 70%. … Read more


You must create a better resume than the one attached, which is titled “Resume temp.” You can use the attached “Resume temp” file as a reference or as a continuation… I’ll also attach another website with information that resumes must include, and so on… I am a business major with a background in accounting; additional … Read more


  The CGMA Competency Framework incorporates technical, business, leadership, and people skills needed in the workplace today.  Consider the foundation in Financial Accounting you have received in this course as an integral part of this skill set and as a building block for your future academic and professional journey. Additionally, take a look at the graphic … Read more


  Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the various tax court cases involving individual and corporate transactions that have been decided at all levels of the United States court system.  These cases have often established the precedent for the treatment of certain tax transactions, and serve as a source of tax … Read more


The purpose of this memo is to help you develop skills in researching and to effectively write about the concepts and issues regarding entity formation. Students will be presented with a fact pattern and will be responsible for answering all of the questions.  The final deliverable for this project should be at least 2 pages double-spaced, … Read more


  You are required to prepare a brief SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation Draft and post it to Peer Review of SEC 10K Project: Post Your Draft. You are required to provide feedback to a classmate on his/her SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation Draft. Please read the feedback that other students have written about your own draft … Read more


  How might the agency have avoided this “emergency” situation? How might the funding source have helped avoid the situation? What data should the staff have been collecting for this program?


  Overview The end of the semester is a good time to think about your math, accounting, and Excel skills. Excel is widely considered a basic skill requirement for accounting and finance jobs. Discussion Requirements Take a moment to think about, and then comment on each of the following questions: What has been your experience … Read more

Power Point

  Overview You are required to prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation for the SEC-10K Report. The presentation should be more than 10 slides. Make sure you include a reference list in APA format. PowerPoint Requirements Post your PowerPoint file in the discussion area to Peer Review of SEC-10K Project: Post Your Draft. You are required … Read more