Honor Killings

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence (Links to an external site.) and ‘Honour’ Crimes are Domestic Abuse, Plain and Simple (Links to an external site.). Respond to each of the following questions: Are honor killings simply domestic violence? What similarities do honor killings have with other forms of interpersonal … Read more

Crime Scene Investigation

Preliminary investigations do not necessarily yield enough information to prosecute a criminal case. Despite a thorough preliminary investigation, many cases require a follow-up investigation. For this assignment, select a recent criminal case in Greenville, SC area from the past six months. Consider how you would investigate this case. Has to be at least 3–4-pages: Assemble a … Read more

RGC M5a1

Discussion Board Topic:  Think of three gender-based biases that have existed or currently exist in the criminal justice system (for example, specific laws, sentence length, associating males/females with certain crimes, health care issues). How has the system attempted to neutralize these biases? What additional steps can be taken to ensure that equitable treatment is given … Read more

Victim m4a3

In each of the first 4 modules, one type of crime that concerns technology and victimization was discussed.Module 1: StalkingModule 2: SextortionModule 3: Human traffickingModule 4: Child pornographyThere are additional types of victimization that are the product of or facilitated by technology (cyberbullying, online-counterfeit goods, etc). Your assignment is to choose one type of victimization that involves technology, and to create a … Read more


Think about the terms: driving or walking or shopping while Black/Brown DWI: Driving while Indian flying while Muslim/Arabic illegal (immigrant/alien) until proven otherwise criming while white Look up each phrase. Discuss some of the information that you uncover. Does anything surprise you? Do phrases such as these bring helpful attention to the issue they want … Read more

crime and substance

  Compare and contrast the organizational structure of the mafia with that of a motorcycle gang. Do you think that drugs are their main source of income? How do they distribute their goods?  In 5–6 paragraphs, address the following:  How do you think the organizational structures of U.S. mafia organizations and domestic motorcycle gangs differ? … Read more

Crime Control Strategies

  Watch: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/showsasylums/ (Links to an external site.)) Eventually, a majority of mentally ill inmates are released back into the community, generally with a limited amount of medication, little preparation, and sometimes no family or support structure. “We release people with two weeks’ worth of medication. Yet it appears that it’s taking three months for people … Read more

cyber crimes

 Explain the intent and fundamental concepts of search and seizure law as it applies to digital crime. Identify and explain situations where search and seizure is possible without a warrant. Please describe the limitations. 


answer in bulletin format first. Then reply to each question with At least 150 words. What do you think are the two most important considerations when looking at crime, victimization, and race? What are some steps that the criminal justice system can take to make sure that there is not bias present in arrests or … Read more