The issue of guns and gun control has been at the forefront to of the news given the  mass shootings that seem to be occurring with regularity in this country. Consider the role of guns in homicide. Would gun control likely lead to fewer homicides in this country? What policies can reduce gun violence. posts … Read more

Death Penalty

Discussion board on death penalty. Should be on both support and against death penalty. Should have 2 or more valid sources. Please read the attached file below for more instructions. Citations should be in MLA format.

Sociology 101 – 250 word Discussion post on social imagination

Discussion post on social imagination. please watch video link             and read  Millennial life: How young adulthood today compares with prior generations along with the passage uploaded and please type a 250 word discussion post  instructions ; In this discussion, you will explore a key sociological concept, the Sociological Imagination. you need to be … Read more

Discussion Board… 8 Sentences

Forensic anthropology is a branch of applied anthropology, in which experts use their knowledge of the human body to identify dead individuals. Forensic anthropologists often work with law enforcement agencies, identifying murder victims or unknown individuals. Archaeologists will use these same practices in a field called bioarchaeology, to identify how people lived and died in the past. … Read more

Discussion Board

Utilizing one of the internet search engines, find an organization that has recently implemented a new quality initiative. Discuss specifically the steps taken to implement the new process along with the expected impact to the organization and their customers. Be sure to provide any URLs you used as a reference source for your answer. The … Read more

Discussion Board

 From the list below, choose a subject you would like to research. This will be the topic of your thread: Customer loyalty Global marketing Marketing research Branding    Discussion Assignment Instructions Original Post You will create an original post in response to one of the available topics for each discussion. Instructions: Title your post according … Read more

W9 6050 The Role of the RN/APRN in Policy Evaluation

Post an explanation of at least two opportunities that currently exist for RNs and APRNs to actively participate in policy review. Explain some of the challenges that these opportunities may present and describe how you might overcome these challenges. Finally, recommend two strategies you might make to better advocate for or communicate the existence of these opportunities. Be … Read more

Influential forces of society

 What do you believe is the single most influential force in today’s society that sets the tone for an individual’s personal values and why? Does this force affect Christians positively or negatively? What is your advice regarding this influential force? Explain and document your reasoning using scholarly and peer reviewed journal articles and/or texts.  Must be … Read more

Abnormal Psychology

Can anyone do two discussion board forums? Each 300 word minimums. Need it well-developed and well-written. Sources needs to be cited. If anyone can have it done by 11:30 pm EST at the latest please message me! Need done ASAP! Will pay extra $5-$10.

Discussion board

Post your initial responses to this week’s discussion questions by Apr 15 EOD. Include: discussion of 3 key new learning points from the assigned text reading discussion of the importance of each of these key points in a typical traditional marketing environment at least 1 supportive citation and reference item for your initial discussion include headings and … Read more