Week 3 Porter’s Five Forces

   The company is CVS. Please review the attached documents to assist with the worksheet. Complete the Porter’s Five Forces Worksheet, based on the company you have been working with since Week 1.  Reminder: Do not forget about Porter’s “Sixth” force. “Complementors” are Not the same as Competitors! Support your Statements: Include citations Format your … Read more

supply chain

a) What is the logic behind Demand/Supply Integration?  b) How do you get to the “ideal state” of DSI? Alternatively, what issues would keep you from getting to the “ideal state” of DSI? c) If warehouses and distribution centers are places to store inventory, how do they create value as a component of the supply … Read more

Retail Inventory Management

Instructions: For this assignment you should reflect over the course readings. Write a 6 to 8 page paper (page count does not include title and reference page) that focuses on one specific retail inventory management topic listed below: 1.Global Sourcing and Procurement 2.Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains 3.Demand Management and Forecasting 4.Sales and Operation Planning … Read more


  Ford-Firestone Ethics Case Study Please read the article The Ford-Firestone Case found in the Week 7 required reading. Upon reading the article, please complete the following items: Provide a review of this article using APA formatting guidelines.  The paper should be a minimal of four pages, not including the cover page and reference page. … Read more


   W7 Assignment Assignment “Key Performance Measures” Transportation Management W7 Assignment In 4-5 pages, list and discuss: 1. What does the term private transportation mean? 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of private trucking. Why do firms have private trucking fleets? 3. Discuss the types costs incurred in operating private truck fleets versus using a … Read more

HR Management

  As the newly hired human resources (HR) manager for a jewelry store, you have placed your initial focus on the areas of staffing and training development. During your organizational analysis, you discovered the following with regard to staffing and training: Line managers are currently handling the recruiting and staffing functions. Each manager tends to follow different … Read more

PMBA 6314 Manage / Information Technology

 How has eCommerce affected business-to-business transactions? Explain how the Internet supports eCommerce and give an example to support your learning point. Moreover, describe Net marketplaces and explain how they can differ from private industrial networks (private exchanges).  What are your thoughts and reflection?   Read the posts of your peers and respond to two (minimum), expanding … Read more

Explain the effect of this decision on each of those stakeholders.

 Your Company (the “Company”) has over 1000 employees. The Company has a Battery Division that has been in the battery manufacturing business for almost fifty years, and the Company has maintained ongoing efforts to improve industrial safety through measures designed to minimize the risk lead poses to those directly involved in the manufacturing of batteries. … Read more