Unit VII Journal Economics for Managers, Unit VIII Journal Economics for Managers

Unit VII Journal Instructions Identify an example of a management scenario from your own experiences or current events involving adverse selection or moral hazard. Describe some methods to correct the potential problems of the asymmetric information.Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary Unit VIII Journal … Read more

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation Research Methods

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation Instructions Create a PowerPoint presentation for the Sun Coast Remediation research project to communicate the findings and suggest recommendations. Please use the following format: Slide 1: Include a title slide. Slide 2: Organize the agenda. Slide 3: Introduce the project. Statement of the Problems Research Objectives Slide 4: Describe information gathered … Read more

Cost of Capital

  For this Discussion, imagine the following scenario: You are the director of operations for your company, and your vice president wants to expand production by adding new and more expensive fabrication machines. You are directed to build a business case for implementing this program of capacity expansion. Assume the company’s weighted average cost of … Read more

Unit III Discussion

  Choose an international company (not based in the United States) on which to base your discussion. Reflect on the company and the concepts in the unit while considering the current exchange rate and the interest rate for the company you have chosen. Choose two of the prompts below to address in your discussion. Discuss the exchange … Read more

Mod 5-MBA687

  Overview The leadership of the Singaporean-headquartered software solutions organization is concerned about issues arising from communication and coordination challenges between employees at the U.S. branch and the Singaporean headquarters. The VP of the U.S. branch tasks you, as an HR consultant, with developing a change management plan. You decide that before you prepare and … Read more

Article Critique Assignment Homework

In this assignment, you are to critically read and evaluate a scholarly article’s strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the study field. Learning how to critique a journal article has several benefits, including preparing you for publishing in the future and keeping you current on the literature in your field of study. The practical application is … Read more

10k-Nike Analysis

Please find the attached Nike recent 10K and answer the attched questions.(Please only use the attached 10k_nike for analysis. Note:I am really in a tough situation i really got low marks in previous assignment.Please analyse and give correct answers only.If dont know please dont answer and let me know


  A medical laboratory receives 32 blood specimens to check for HIV. Ten actually contain HIV. A worker is accidentally exposed to five specimens. (a) What is the probability that none contained HIV? (Round your answer to 4 decimal places.) (b) Fewer than three? (Round your answer to 4 decimal places.) (c) At least two? … Read more

horizontal analysis

  Attached is a horizontal analysis that I completed of Digital Turbine Inc’s Income Statement which they call a Consolidated Statement of Operations. This compares 2020 first quarter versus 2019 first quarter results. Digital Turbine helps mobile operators to monetize their devices.  Please let me know what you can learn from viewing this statement.  I look … Read more

Mod 4

  Overview In Milestone One, as an HR consultant, you submitted a change readiness report. While you were performing your change readiness assessment, five employees from the U.S. call center quit as a group, along with the well-liked team lead. Top management is very concerned about this sudden incident. The VP has asked for your … Read more