Please select a topic from Chapter 5 for further study.  Conduct some online research, return to the discussion board and share what you have found, including the link to your sources(s).     https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_mastering-strategic-management/ Links to textbook also attached PDF version

DB WK 3 Part 2

  Respond to at least two other student posts   Ben:   Is it possible that you have a strategic weapon and don’t even know it? I decided to do further research on resource-based theory, to understand how business owners can be aware of what resources they possess and their strengths. Resource based theory involves the use … Read more

HW 2

Find a current or fairly recent business news article that demonstrations the impact the external environment can have on a company.   Summarize the article in 1-2 pages and include your comments about what you have gained from reading the article.   Cite your source. 

Any HCS/589: Health Care Strategic Management experts

The leader of a local health care organization, Kendra Klein, has noticed other health care organizations successfully incorporating strategic management practices. Kendra is considering using strategic management for her health care organization. She has hired you to research what the strategic planning development and implementation process is and to address why it helps organizations be … Read more