discourse communities

 Select a group of people you believe meets John Swales’ six defining characteristics and answer this question: How does the group you chose exhibit the characteristics of a discourse community? Present your conclusions in a document showing that you understand the six characteristics of discourse communities and know how to apply them to groups as defining … Read more

wk 4 reflect theo

Write 2 paragraphs reflecting on the different theories reviewed this week. Provide one specific example of how you achieved the weekly objectives. What concepts, theories, models, tools, techniques, and resources in this week did you find most valuable? What issues had you not considered before? Borrowed Theories used by nursing  Grand Theories- Level of Abstraction Middle-Range … Read more


READ-   My area of specialty in NP practice is Family Nurse Practitioner. The Synergy Model is a middle-range theory developed for critically ill patients in a critical care setting. This theory has also been applied to other healthcare settings, like the acute care setting.             The origin of The Synergy Model was developed in … Read more

Discourse Community

 Several decades have passed since John Swales proposed his definition of a Discourse Community, and more and more of our lives is taking place within a digital world, almost completely non-existent while Swales introduced us to his definition and its six constituents. How does the digital world impact the Discourse Communities? What would be the … Read more


   Part 1 There are five parts questions. Each part requires no more than a 1-2 sentence response.  To be clear, this assignment should be completed in ten sentences or less.   1) Please identify one active community organization’s civic engagement in terms of assisting individuals with accessing their rights under the Constitution.  The organization … Read more

Discussion Board Business

1. How is entrepreneurial diversity impacting small business and the economy? 2. How do ethics impact decision-making with small-business owners? Please note the following important standards: Apa Citation. Online book: https://openstax.org/books/principles-management/pages/2-1-overview-of-managerial-decision-making

wk4 theor

Identify your specialty area of NP practice (psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner). Select a nursing theory, borrowed theory, or interdisciplinary theory provided in the lesson plan or one of your own findings. Address the following: Origin Meaning and scope Logical adequacy Usefulness and simplicity Generalizability Testability Finally, provide an example how the theory could be used … Read more


  Answer the following questions and support your answers with facts from the scenario and legal analysis, utilizing the cases provided or additional cases obtained through your own research. Be sure to state the case names and citations of all cases you use in support of your arguments in your document. Consider the following cases: Two … Read more

Week 3 Discussion Response

I wanted to research narcissistic mothers and the relationship with their daughters because it pertains to my writing but not something I have implemented yet. This is something I have never done research on because the discovery is still very new to me. I found an article titled “Challenging the Narcissistic Mother: About narcissistic mothers … Read more