The enthalpy change of boiling 1 mol of

1. (1 mark) The enthalpy change of boiling 1 mol of water at 100 oC and 1atm is 40.7 kJ.What is ?Stotal associated with this process?A) 109.1 J K-1; B) 0 J K-1; C) 407 J K-1; D) -407 J K-12. (1 mark) One liter of ideal gas underwent an isothermal reversible expansion processto reach a final volume of 4 liter. Which of the thermodynamic variables are zero?i) ?T; ii) ?G; iii) ?E; iv) ?Ssys; v) ?Ssurrounding; vi) ?Stotal A) i and ii); B) i ii iii and vi); C) i iii iv and vi); D) i iii and vi)3. (1 mark) A piece of ice is kept at -20oC in a freezer. The ice is defined as our system.Which statement(s) explains the fact that the ice will NOT melt under this condition?i) ?Stotal for this melting process would be positive ii) The increase in ?Ssystem from melting does not offset (overcome) the decrease in ?Ssurrounding iii) Heat does not flow from a cold object to a hot object spontaneously. iv) ?G for this meting process would be positiveA) ii and iii); B) i iii and iv); C) ii iii and iv); D) i ii iii and iv)4. (2 marks) What is the ?Go for the following reaction?A) -799 kJ; B) -386 kJ; C) -804 kJ; D) -476 kJ5. (2 marks) What is the equilibrium constant for the following reaction at 298 K?A) e464; B) e68; C) e-68; D) e-464