You must carefully follow the formatting rules on the next page. Thepaper will require a structured abstract of 100-150 words a text of800-1000 words (which should include separate sections for thebackground methods results and conclusion) 8-10 references (atleast 8 of which must be journal articles) and 1 table.This is the rubric:? The manuscript is written in good English and has been spellchecked? All specific knowledge includes an appropriate citation? Formatting: Arial size 11 or Times Roman size 12 font is usedthroughout the manuscript (including references and tables) thewhole text is aligned left and ragged right the whole text is doublespaced single-column format is used (do not try to make thesubmission “look” like a journal article) and all pages are numberedin the top right corner? The cover page includes only a title the author name and affiliation author e-mail address a statement about funding a statement aboutconflicts of interest word count for the abstract word count for thetext and count of number of references as shown below:The second page of the file includes the abstract and 6 MeSHkeywords separated by semicolons? The abstract is structured (has headers for objective methods results conclusion)? The abstract is 100-150 words? The abstract does NOT contain any references? The main text starts on page 3? Each of the four sections of the main text (background orintroduction methods results discussion or conclusion) and thereference list has a header on its own line in bold type? The main text is 800-1000 words? There are 8-10 references; at least 8 of them are journal articlesThe table contains only original peer-reviewed articles;appropriate information is extracted from each one includingcountry study year study design and key finding