They are solid liquid and gas (vapor)

Experiment 8Phase Change in Your KitchenThere are 3 common phases of matter. They are solid liquid and gas (vapor). Each has its owncharacteristics. The change from one phase to another always involves an exchange of energy.Heat is one kind of energy. Thermal energy increases with an increase in temperature. Thus wecan know something about energy if we know what the change in temperature is. Thisexperiment will allow you to examine how energy is related to phase change by observing thechange in temperature.Materials:2 drinking glassesIce cubesThermometer**supplied in the VU Lab kitProcedureFill two identical drinking glasses with water and put them in the refrigerator for two hours. Setone glass in the sink and add ice cubes to the glass allowing the excess water to overflow. Pourenough water out of this glass till the water level is the same as the water level in the glasswithout ice cubes.Take and record the time and the temperature of the water in each glass. Take the temperatureevery 10 minutes until the ice has been melted for 30 minutes. Draw a graph of time vs.temperature for each glass. Put the data on the same graph and make one line red and the othergreen( or colors of your choice). If you can do this in Excel e-mail this graph to you instructorand explain (100 words) what it mean. If you can’t write a 100-word essay describing what thegraph looks like and what it means. Your essay should relate energy to phase change.