They must be obtained from food or supplements

Question 1 of 40.5 PointsWhich of the following statements are true about Essential Nutrients?A.Our bodies need them to function properly. B.Our bodies cannot make them. C.They must be obtained from food or supplements. D.All of these are true. Reset SelectionQuestion 2 of 40.5 PointsWhat do free radicals do?A.Assist in respiration B.Cause oxidation C.Repairs damage caused by antioxidants D.Cause reduction Reset SelectionQuestion 3 of 40.5 PointsHow do we measure the amount of electrons donated by vitamin C?A.Titrate the donated electrons and look for color change B.Use a ruler to measure the donate electrons C.Use a clock to measure the length of the reaction and when a color change occurs D.Weigh the donated electrons on the balance Reset SelectionQuestion 4 of 40.5 PointsWhich of these is not one of the three components of a titration?A.Titrant B.Indicator C.Analyte D.Precipitate