this in the easiest way break down step by step

Physical chemistryplease help me answer this in the easiest way break down step by step and please include the calculation. thank you.5. Two blocks of the same metal and mass are at different initial temperatures T1 and T2. Theblocks are brought into contact and come to a final temperature Tf. Assume the system istotally isolated from the surroundings and that the surroundings are at equilibrium.a. Your intuition probably tells you that for 2 identical blocks Tfis the average of theinitial temperatures so that Tf= 1/2 (T1 T2). Show that for a system of two blockstotally isolated from the surroundings that this is true.b. Show that the change in entropy is?S = CPln( ) T1 T224T1T2c. How does this expression show that this process is spontaneous?Hints: (1) Since the blocks are of the same material they will have the same Cp. (2)Remember that the system is isolated. (3) For part c you can show this in various waysincluding assuming numerical values for T1 and T2 in different cases.