Trident CHem100 module 3 case and SLP

CHEM 100 MOD 3 Module 3 – Case Thermodynamics and Reactions Assignment Overview In this Case assignment you will use a simulation provided by PhET Interactive Simulations by the University of Colorado Boulder at the following website: From this web page select “Run Now” and be sure that you have the most current version of Java installed on your computer. This is available for free online at In this simulation you will try to break the bond holding molecule BC together by causing molecule A to collide with it. Before you begin the simulation define the following terms: •Inertia •Entropy •Enthalpy •Potential energy •Reaction coordinate In the simulation window select both Separation and Energy Views. Begin the simulation by placing your cursor over the red “pinball machine-like” level left click and hold down while you move the mouse down to pull back the lever and then release to activate molecule A. Observe the reaction for a few minutes and then answer the following questions: What force did you overcome by releasing the lever to move molecule A? Why does the reaction fail to proceed to A BC -> AB C? Now increase the heat and state your observations. Explain how temperature influenced the rate of reaction and why. Assignment Expectations: You will be most successful in completing this Case assignment if you have completed the assigned readings and the linked tutorials on your home page. To complete this Case assignment answer each question using full sentences using your own words. Be sure to cite your sources and include a references section at the end of your assignment that lists the sources that you were required to read and any additional resources you used to research your answers. Follow the referencing format provided in the “Background” page and upload your document into your Case 3 drop box by the due date. Module 3 – SLP Thermodynamics and Reactions To complete this SLP exercise review the tutorials and readings on enzymes. Then continue to use the Reaction Rate simulation”> to complete 3 SLP Student Handout – Reaction Rates.doc?_&d2lSessionVal=adGv9aPcCM3XgrkqT3bJ3ytTU&ou=70610″>Reaction Rates handout. SLP Assignment Expectations Complete the linked document and upload to your SLP 3 drop box by the due date. Be sure to use complete sentences to answer all questions and use the template to complete the assignment.