Using MS WORD, you will provide a 400-level collegiate paper about a current event of your choice and that event’s tie-in to psychopathology. The focus of this assignment is to use & apply the tex

Using MS WORD, you will provide a 400-level collegiate paper about a current event of your choice and that event’s tie-in to psychopathology.

The focus of this assignment is to use & apply the text to a current event! Any news or event of your choice.

***YOUR PAPER will include three major components:

  1. A clear, concise overview discussion of the current event of your choice
  2. A clear, concise overview discussion of how a topic from the textbook applies to this event of your choice. What about psychopathology from our text is IN this current event that you chose?
  3. A clear, concise conclusion discussing how the current event & text integrated
  4. Clear application of the text in APA 7th edition format and APA 7th edition format for the current event!
  5. There is no “word count” but there is a “quality count”, so please read this narrative and guidance thoroughly!

**Below, please find in narrative (lecture) format an example of just HOW to apply this assignment information. I am sharing how my thought process worked in order to start this assignment and then how I created and outline and final draft! 

Frist – I searched for a news article on the internet.

Here’s a news article from July 2022 that I thought was interesting. I will need to write down all the APA requirements in order to use THIS ARTICLE in my assignment – AND remember to use its citation and reference in my paper.  Note the formatting for the citation (author, date) and the references! 


(Associated Press, 2022)


Associated Press. (2022, July 3). Tsitsipas calls Kyrgios bully after Wimbledon hubbub, loss.

SO – This article talked about a famous tennis player and that  “He bullies his opponents”. So – the FIRST thing I did in my rough draft in my MS WORD was summarize the article! NOT word-for-word —but paraphrased what I learned about this current event and then provided the citation within this discussion summary! 

THEN –  I went into our textbook. I started by using the “search” button in the navigator of the textbook and typed “bullying” since the main point of the article was that the tennis player acted like a bully. My search only provided 4 results. Well, I didn’t like these type of results, so then I chose to change my search and searched the term “aggression”. Got 139 results. Now THAT’S some results that the text just might match the key point of the news article! 

THEN – When I clicked on the results from the text about aggression and got some good information about how research on aggression may apply to this tennis player!  NOW, I can apply the TEXT to this news article. I opened my WORD doc and started typing notes from the text (with citation) that related to aggression that also went with my ARTICLE about bullying! 

MY notes were some thoughts from the text were about how this tennis player may have a genotype that makes him prone to aggression, and I found much more! All kinds of information about aggression – which is part of bullying – came from the TEXT and NOW I can apply concepts from the text to show that the main character of this event in the news may have some psychopathology going on!

I remembered to provide citations from the text for every claim I made within my discussion and ensured that the article and text had matching references (APA formatting, right?)  

So…Hope this example of how to conduct this assignment helps! 

Your paper will be submitted though the classroom assignments page.

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The TURNITIN Similarity percent MUST be below 30%! PLEASE NOTE this includes APUS policy on the use of generative AI! 

You may be asked to resubmit OR referred to the honor council if your Turnitin similarity is greater than 30%!  

NOTE: To help support your APA formatting, the e-text citation helper from our e-text is outdated! The proper reference format in APA 7th edition for our textbook is

Maddux, J.E., & Winstead, B.A. (Eds.). (2016). Psychopathology: Foundations for a contemporary understanding (4th ed.). Routedge. 

The citation for the text would be 

(Maddux & Winstead, 2016).