Vitride is sold as a 70% by mass solution in toluene

Vitride has the formula NaAlH2(OCH2CH2OCH3)2.a) What is the molar mass of Vitride? (1 point)b) Vitride is sold as a 70% by mass solution in toluene. The average mass ofa drop of toluene is about 15 mg. Assuming that the density of toluene andthe Vitride solution are the same how many moles of Vitride are in one dropof the Vitride solution? (2 points)c) Let’s assume that as a preventative measure you added 2 drops of theVitride solution to your bromobenzene/Mg mixture when forming theGrignard reagent but that your ethereal solution was completely dry (i.e. nowater). That Vitride would reduce the 2­methylpropanal when it is added tothe Grignard reagent.What mass of reduced aldehyde would be formed after the workup of thereaction? HINT: Look carefully at the structure of Vitride. (2 points)d) Assuming Vitride reduced the aldehyde faster than the Grignard reagent and also assuming the reduced aldehyde acted just like your desired productduring the isolation of 2­methyl­3­heptanol what is the mass percent of thereduced aldehyde in your product mixture? (3 points)e) It’s generally a bad idea to add extra reagents that are capable of reactingto a reaction due to the possibility of multiple products that are inseparable.Comment on whether or not it is/was worthwhile to add Vitride to a sluggishGrignard reagent formation based on your answer to part (d) above as wellas based on how you characterized the product. (2 points)