Weigh about 1.7 g Na2S2O3 * 5H2O and transfer it to a 4 oz glass storage bottle

In this lab I had to calculate the concentration of KIO3 (standardized which turned out to be .0114 M) and my standardized thiosulfate solution.The molecular weight of thiosulfate 158.11Mass of added thiosulfate for titration = 1.719 gVolume of water added = 100 mLIf I calculated it correctly I obtained a concentration of 0.108722 MHere are the procedures we used in lab:Preparation and Standardization of 0.07 M Na2S2O31) Weigh about 1.7 g Na2S2O3 * 5H2O and transfer it to a 4 oz glass storage bottle. Add 100 mL (graduated cylinder) of room-temperature DI water which has been bubbled extensively with nitrogen and which contains 100 mg /liter Na2CO3. Mix thoroughly and add 1 drop of chloroform to prevent bacterial growth.2) For the standardization pipet 5 mL of the KIO3 solution into each of three 125 mLErlenmeyer flasks. From this point treat each flask separately until the titration isfinished. Make the calculation to estimate your approximate endpoint volume.3) Add 0.5 g of solid KI and 2.5 mL of 0.5 M H2SO4 to the first flask and immediately begin titrating with the Na2S2O3 solution.I now need to calculate the ascorbic acid concentration from a manual titration and the percent by weight of ascorbic acid in the unknown.My ascorbic acid sample mass weighed .4996 g and 1.27 mL of thiosulfate was delivered. Again KIO3 had molarity of .0114 M.Here are the procedures we used in lab:Accurately weigh by difference three samples of about 0.15 g each. One sample should be placed in an Erlenmeyer flask the other two into 250 mL beakers.3) Add 40 mL of 0.5 M H2SO4 and 20 mL of water to dissolve the sample. Add 0.5 g of KI and use your 10 mL and 5 mL pipets to add 15 mL of the KIO3 solution.This will provide an excess of triiodide which will react with all of the ascorbicacid. You will then backtitrate the remaining triiodide and calculate how much ascorbic acid was present. 4) Titrate with the thiosulfate solution according to the procedure in step B-2-4.