What are the issues in this study

Case StudyEarlier in the summer you have become principal of a prominent high school. It is the Friday night ofyour first varsity football game. Your varsity takes the field and they look sharp. All players are wearingnice spotless uniforms. The game is a resounding victory for your team. After the game you congratulateyour head coach. He is naturally excited and he tells you he appreciates your support and is especiallygrateful for the new football uniforms that the team wore that night.A week later your bookkeeper says she needs to speak with you. There is a bill for $15 000 for Starling’sSporting Goods for new football uniforms but there is insufficient money in the schools account to coverthe expense. To make matters worse she can find no purchase orders for the uniforms. You aresomewhat perplexed. How can a school order football uniforms without a purchase order?Starling Sporting goods is a major supplier of athletic supplies to the school system and has donebusiness with the system for many years. You decide to call Starling’s representative to see if he can shedany light. He tells you that yes his company did ship the uniforms and they were delivered to your schooltwo days before the game. He says he will have to look at the records for the order.You then speak with your head coach. He tells you that he had a discussion with the booster clubpresident who said that the club thought it would be a good idea for the team to get new uniforms. Thebooster club president told the coach that he should go ahead and order the uniforms. The coach sayshe called Starling and placed the order. He was delighted when the secretary had said they were here.You then call the booster club president. He says he remembers having the conversation with the coachand he also states he told the coach that the booster club would help raise the money for the uniforms.In fact the booster club used a local community football team’s game had a barbecue and raised about$2500 when they advertised that the funds raised would go to buy your school’s new football uniforms.He thinks but is not sure the money was deposited in the booster club’s account. About an hour later the booster club president calls you back and informs you that there was about $2500 raised but themoney had not been deposited in the account. To make matters worse he is not sure who has themoney.Later in the week the sales representative says he cannot find a purchase order but has noted a phonecall from the head football coach at the school who told him to send the uniforms to the school. He alsohas the UPS slip showing that the school received all of the uniforms. He wonders since the schoolreceived the uniforms and the team wore them during the game when would his company receive itscheck to cover the bill. You reply that you will get back to him.Things begin to get busy at the school. The team begins to loose and attendance is way down at thegames. You forget about the bill. Next month there is a letter from Starling Sporting Goods about theuniforms and wanting their payment. It is also copied to the central office.Questions1. What are the issues in this study?2. What action do you take? Your response must include references to your district or state’s rules & regulations regarding thehandling of purchases. You need to address the actions you would take with any relevant partiesinvolved in this issue.