What experiment can you perform in the virtual lab to confirm

Lab ReportSummary report for:Name: Date: Section #: Case 4 lab2Class: Chem102LRead the problem description and design experiments to measure the relative oxidationpotential of the metalsRecord your observation and present them in your lab reportOutline your logic in ordering the metalsIn your discussion answer the questions presented in the problem descriptionObjective:Procedure:Data:Data Analysis:Results:Discussion/Error Analysis:Part 11. What experiment can you perform in the virtual lab to confirm that Cu is able to reduceZn=2 ? One can use electrochemistry to confirm that Cu is able to reduce zinc2. What experiment can you perform to confirm that Zn is not able to reduce Cu=2 ? Whenzinc is immersed in an aqueous solution which contains Cu2 ions the reduction of Cu2 is indicated by the coating of copper that forms in the zinc metalOn the other beaker containing 0.1M of ZnSO4 and copper metal nothing happenedbecause copper cannot reduce zinc.3. What do you expect to be true of the strongest reducing agent? Strong reducing agentswill easily lose or donate electrons 4. What do you expect to be true of he weakest reducing agent? During a redox reaction the weak reducing agent will tend to retain its electrons. The weak reducing agent willretain its electrons and accept electrons easily.Part 21. Write a balanced chemical reaction for Ag metal reducing Cu2 gain as it goes from Cu2 to Cu? Cu(s) 2 Ag Cu2 (aq) 2 Ag (s)2. Perform experiments to determine how strong Ag is as a reducing agent. Where does itlie relative to Cu Mg Zn and Pb? Ag is a weak reducing agent since according to theexperiments it was not able to reduce any of the above metals3. Mg Zn Pb Cu Aghttp://chemcollective.org/vlab/106