what is the value of the Ksp for Cu(OH)2 at 85 Celsuis

1. A saturated solution of Cu(OH)2 at 85Celsuis has [Cu2 ] = 0.013M and [OH-] = 0.026M. what is the value of the Ksp for Cu(OH)2 at 85 Celsuis?Cu(OH)2<=> Cu2 2 OH-a- 0.0000044b-0.039c-0.00034d.2.0e.0.00000882. Which of the following statements correctly descries the hydronium-hydroxide balance in the given solutiona-In bases [OH-} is less thatn [H3O ]b- in bases [OH-} = [H3O ]c- in acids [OH-}is greater thatn [H3O ]d- in neutral solitions [H3O ]=[H2O]e- in bases [OH-] os greater than [H3O ]3- the equilibrium constant for the production of carbon dixoide from carbon monoxide and oxygen is Keq=2x 10 11. this means that the reaction mixture at equilibrium is likely to consist of:a- mostly productsb- twice as much starting material as productc-an equal muxure of products and reactantsd-mostly starting materialse- twice as much product as starting material4. in the following reaction what is the effect on the direction of the reaction if more SO2 is added to the reaction mixture? 2 SO2 O2 <=> 2 SO3a- the rate of formation of products is increasedb- the catalyst for the reaction is used upc- the equilibrium shifts to produce more productsd- the position of the equilibrium reamains unchangede- the equilibrium shifts to produce more reactants