What toxic substance that has a lethal dose of 2 000 to

1.What toxic substance that has a lethal dose of 2 000 to 5 000 ppm to laboratory animals has been detected in smoke from polymeric fires? __________.Which of the following statements about polymer decomposition and combustion is INCORRECT? The surfaces of some polymeric products tend to char as they burn. Burning polymeric products are only capable of releasing minimal heat. Burning polymeric products can evolve voluminous amounts of smoke carbon monoxide other hazardous gases vapor and fumes. Polymers frequently undergo thermal degradation into simpler chemical substances A substance that is added to a polymerization tank to prevent or reduce the speed of autopolymerization is called 1) __________. One specific chemical that is used for this purpose is 2) __________.The substance produced by the condensation of a glycol and an organic di¬isocyanate is called __________.Question 1Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding cyclonite?Cyclonite is sometimes encountered as Composition C-4 in which it is mixed with a gummy binder and hand-molded into a puttylike shape for use as a plastic explosive.Cyclonite can be desensitized by mixing it with beeswax.Cyclonite is prepared from hexamethylenetetramine sulfuric acid ammonium nitrate and acetic anhydride.Cyclonite is a possible human carcinogen.3 points Question 2Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding regulatory agencies that have some responsibilities in minimizing risks associated with radioactive materials in the United States?OSHA establishes radiation exposure limits to protect public health.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency establishes radiation exposure levels to protect public health.The U.S. Department of Energy oversees the construction and operation of nuclear waste disposal sites.The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates the private nuclear energy industry.3 points Question 3When emergency responders suspect that a package may contain an explosive which of these actions should they NOT do?Try to identify the material first and call for backup.Use robotic means to transfer the material into a total-containment device.Take the material to an isolated location where it can be further examined or destroyed.Let only specially-trained personnel handle the material.3 points Question 4Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding a radiological dirty bomb?The detonation of a radiological dirty bomb will not increase the background radiation to which the entire human population is exposed for a substantial time.The detonation of a radiological dirty bomb could not produce the immediate mass casualties that are associated with the detonation of nuclear weapons.The radiological dirty bomb can be detonated with the use of a timer or a cell phone.The radiological dirty bomb may be charged with a biological or chemical warfare agent.3 points Question 5Mercury fulminate is synonymous with:a commercial name for the explosive whose chemical name is cyclotrimethylene-trinitramine or hexahydro-1 3 5-trinitro-1 3 5-triazine.a commercial explosive whose proper chemical name is N-methyl-N-2 4 6-tetranitroaniline.a secondary high explosive whose proper chemical name is cyclotetramethylenetetra-nitramine.the primary explosive mercury(II) cyanate a substance whose chemical formula is Hg(CNO)2.3 points Question 6The permissible exposure limit (PEL) over an 8-hr workday for trinitrotoluene and nitroglycerin are 1) __________ mg/m3 and 2) __________ mg/m3 respectively. Which of these explosives is more toxic? 3) __________.Question 7List two acute radiation effects caused by single-dose exposure to 3.0 Gy of radiation: 1) __________ and 2) __________.Question 8Potassium-42 is a radioisotope that nutritionists use to determine whether the body is effectively using potassium at the cellular level. The half-life of potassium-42 is 12.4 hours. Assuming that a patient’s cells assimilate all the potassium chloride tagged with potassium-42 approximately what percentage of the dose remains in 2.1 days? __________ .Question 9What are the products formed when nitroglycerin undergoes hydrolysis? 1) __________ and 2) __________.Question 10During the winter months when the exchange of indoor and outdoor air is limited 0.00002 mCi of radon is identified on average in each liter of air within a home. What is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) action guideline in pCi/L for protection against acquiring cancer from exposure to radon? 1) __________ Does this concentration exceed the WHO’s action guideline? 2) __________.Question 11Selenium-75 is used in medicine to assist in diagnosing pancreatic cancer and decays solely by electron capture. The product of its decay is __________.5 points Question 121) __________ is a method used to compare the relative effectiveness of different explosives to accomplish a specific task. The detonation of 2.0 kg of tetryl has the same explosive power as 2) __________ pounds of TNT.