Which of the following bacterial phyla contain Gram-positive members

This is a study guide for a test and I need to correct answers so I can study for the test. I will post the entire 20 questions any help I can get is appreciated.1) Which of the following bacterial phyla contain Gram-positive members that are the cause of several human diseases?A) Firmicutes C) ActinobacteriaB) Cyanobacteria D) Proteobacteria__2) Which of the following proteobacteria are harmless to humans?A) Salmonella C) VibrioB) Helicobacter D) Agrobacterium__3) Which bacterial genus contains members who can perform nitrogen fixation within the roots of certain plants?A) Agrobacterium C) NitrosomonasB) Rhizobium D) Neisseria__4) Cyanobacteria…A) are probably responsible for creating our oxygen-rich atmosphereB) possess a great deal of structural diversityC) can be harmful to humansD) A & B OnlyE) A B & C__5) About ____% of prokaryotic genes have been involved in horizontal gene transfer at some point in their history. A) 90 B) 80 C) 60 D) 40__6) True/False: Mitochondria a eukaryotic cellular organelle most likely originated from a prokaryotic proteobacteria.__7) Bacteria and archaeans are similar in all of the following ways EXCEPT:A) they are both relatively small compared to eukaryotic cellsB) they both reproduce rapidlyC) they both have complex membrane-bound organellesD) they both lack a true nucleus__8) Thylakoids enable cyanobacteria to perform…A) phagocytosis C) aerobic cellular respirationB) photosynthesis D) protein synthesis__9) Gas vesicles collapse when cyanobacteria…A) want to rise in the water to perform more photosynthesisB) want to sink deeper in the water to harvest inorganic mineralsC) want to rise in the water to harvest inorganic mineralsD) want to sink deeper in the water to perform photosynthesis__10) Magnetosomes allow bacteria to…A) navigate long distances across the ocean for breeding purposesB) locate & attract metals which they consume for energyC) locate low-oxygen habitatsD) avoid dangerous predators by picking up electrical fields__11) All of the following terms describe bacterial shapes EXCEPT:A) cocci C) trapezius E) spirilliB) vibrios D) bacilli__12) Mucilage helps bacterial colonies survive by…A) providing a protective barrier D) binding mineral nutrientsB) allowing cells to stick together E) A B C & DC) allowing cells to float__13) Which of the following terms/descriptions does NOT belong with the others?A) Gram-positive D) vulnerable to penicillinB) thick peptidoglycan layer E) FirmicutesC) pink__14) Prokaryotic flagella…A) consist of microtubules in a 9 2 arrangementB) bend and straighten repeatedly D) consist of a filament hook C) contain the motor protein dynein & motor__15) A microbiologist counts 7 bacterial colonies growing in an agar plate several days after a water sample was taken from a nearby lake. How many bacterial cells were present in the water sample? A) 7 B) 10 C) 5 000 000 D) Impossible to estimate.