Anatomy And Physiology I

1.- Please name the characteristics of the three types of muscles.

2.- Please explain the following characteristics in a muscle: Excitability, Contractility, Extensibility, Elasticity.

3.- What is epimysium, perimysium, and endomysium?

4.- a) Please explain what is sarcomere?

b) Thin filaments contain: __________________________________

5.- Please explain the sliding – filament theory.

6.- a) Why are important the intercalated discs or Gap junctions in the myocardium?

b) Please explain the blood flow through the heart and the lungs, naming all the structures.

7.- a) Why are important the Sinoatrial node (SA), and the Atrioventricular node (AV)?

b) What means systole and diastole in cardiac cycle?

8.- Please explain the following concepts: automaticity, cardiac output, stroke volume, and ejection fraction.

9.- a) Please name the branches of the aortic arch.

b) Please name the branches of the celiac trunk.

10.- a) Please name the parts of the aorta.

b) Please name the blood vessels that bring blood to the liver.