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PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES Performance objectives are milestones on the path to achieving your preparedness program’s goals. Objectives should be developed for all aspects of the program. Include hazard prevention/deterrence, risk mitigation, emergency response and business continuity. Consider goals and objectives for managing risk, investing in resources, establishing capabilities through training and exercising and complying with regulations. Consider both … Read more

Post A Comparison Of At Least Two APRN Board Of Nursing Regulations In Your State/Region

Discussion: Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations Boards of Nursing (BONs) exist in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands. Similar entities may also exist for different regions. The mission of BONs is the protection of the public through the regulation of nursing practice. BONs put … Read more

Week One Assignment 1 – Health Behavior Change Minimum Two Pages Not Including Title And Reference

Week One Assignment 1 – Health Behavior Change Instructions For this first assignment, you will describe a Health Behavior that you are targeting to change for yourself (minimum 2 pages not including title and reference page). Use the “sample” template as a guide. Please include the following in your health behavior change assignment: Choose a … Read more

Week One Assignment 2 – Cognitive Elements Minimum 2 Pages Not Including Reference And Title Page

Week One Assignment 2 – Cognitive Elements Instructions For your second assignment, you will describe the cognitive elements of your chosen behavior and strategies for cognitive restructuring (minimum 2 pages not including title and reference page). Use the sample paper for guidance. Describe your past and current thinking regarding your chosen health behavior. (1 paragraph) Identify … Read more


internship site: child day care and aftercare program Capstone topic: children at risk of abuse or neglect Internship Prompt: How do your tasks and activities relate to the overall functioning of your internship site? Capstone Prompt: Think of the struggles your population faces. What’s causing them? What is already helping them? What services are already … Read more


Discussion Board Topic: Hereditary Diseases Choose a hereditary disease not already used by another student. If you complete the assignment early, you will have more choices available to you. Part One: Research a hereditary disorder that occurs in humans and/or other animals. The disease must have a genetic basis. Organize your post in three titled sections: The name of … Read more

Discussion 1

Topic 1 The Scientific Method Before responding to this discussion, please read the Scientific Method Tutorial and if needed review optional readings. Describe an example of how you use the scientific method in your daily life. Which observation(s) lead you to use the scientific method? State a good hypothesis, how you are testing the hypothesis (the … Read more

Lab -Acid And Base

Data Sheet: Activity – Acids and Bases All Content is Copyright Protected and May NOT Be Posted or Shared Outside Of The Classroom Name Course Date Activity Data Code Procedure I – pH of Household Solutions Complete the table below using your data from Procedure I. Based on the measured pH determine whether each solution … Read more


Let’s exercise our scientific literacy and reasoning skills to determine if you would buy a product that is marketed to you using science claims. Instructions: Work on this assignment independently. Please answer each question with complete sentences and proper grammar. Please handwrite and make sure your writing must be legible. ⦁ Look at this product … Read more

For Brilliant Answers Only Should women rely on a male contraceptive pill as a form of birth control? What would be a common male thought process of being responsible for birth control? Is a home sperm testing device reliable?  How often should a sperm count be carried out? 150-250 words please add article to support info turnitin report … Read more