For this Check-Up, you are acting as a counselor. You will find in your career that often you will need to provide more than medical advice. Sometimes you have to provide emotional support as well. In this case, you need to counsel your patient about what he suspects he is experiencing. Henock is a 55-year-old … Read more

U.S. Constitutional Amendment

Assignment Content Constitutional amendments exist to correct a perceived problem within the existing document. In previous weeks, you examined the Bill of Rights and the process for constitutional amendments. For this assignment, you will consider a possible constitutional amendment. Choose 1 of the issues listed below. Some are noncontroversial issues for the general public, while … Read more


Please complete the following steps for your discussion post and response. Describe a beneficial use for a microbe in treating disease. These answers can vary and may be experimental. Use some outside library resources like CINAHL Plus with Full Text or to find these unique viral applications. Entries should include an overview of the … Read more

Can Someone Explain The Calculations In The Chart Attached In The Paper?

          Threat Assessment for Tornadoes and Floods on Critical Infrastructure Assets   Chrystal Early Nova Southeastern University DEM-6010-P01_51103 July 25, 2023                       Contents Abstract: 4 Introduction: 5 Literature Review.. 5 Methodology: 7 Hypotheses. 7 Results. 8 Threat Scoring Analysis: 8 Winstonville … Read more

Discussion 6

Please address the discussion topic below in 6-8 sentences, using at least THREE Critical Thinking Questions from the Critical Thinking Sheet posted in the Course Resources module in D2L You are a part of a testing committee for an innovative school that is opening in 2030. Your task is to submit a proposal to the … Read more

Topic: Metabolic Syndrome, Green Tea, Weight Loss And The AMPK Connection

Topic: Metabolic syndrome, green tea, weight loss and the AMPK connection This week you learned about the components and enzymes involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and in the formation of fat. As you work on this week’s discussion board assignment, consider the following: Over the past decades, overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes … Read more

Diet Analysis Project PPT

Instructions Diet Analysis Project PPT Instructions Develop a 15-20 slide power point in APA, or MLA format to present a personal diet analysis plan using the Livestrong MyPlate Calorie Counter (The title page, and reference page are part of the slide count). The diet analysis power point must contain the following components: 3-day food diary … Read more

Lat Discuss

one recent peer reviewed article that they have found that has been published within the last 5 years. The article should be related to mental health and cultural diversity (any aspect of it). If you are uncertain if an article is appropriate, send me an email. Each article should be different. So please make sure … Read more

Topic: Protein Diet, Appetite Control & Weight Loss: Does The Science Work?

Topic: Protein diet, appetite control & Weight loss: Does the science work? This week you learned about protein catabolism, transamination and  (gluco genic and ketogenic) amino acid oxidation .You also learned about  the importance of the urea cycle in the removal of the toxic ammonia  waste product. As you work on this assigned discussion board … Read more